La Bergerie Service

From the moment you enter the driveway of La Bergerie, on the Terre Blanche estate, we ensure you have the most perfect vacation.

FUlly Staffed Villa

Greeted by our dedicated concierge and the rest of the villa team, we are able to accommodate to all tastes and desires, offering you the chance to completely unwind in your own piece of the South of France. Close to the busy coast, you won’t believe the peace and quiet surrounding the villa. Every last detail is taken care of to provide a truly relaxing holiday for you and all your family.

Our base rate includes dedicated concierge, resident chef and two hostesses along with daily housekeeping.

Read more about La Bergerie and the facilities available at the private staffed French villa.





Additional staff or service can be arranged upon request, to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We can accommodate all of your needs and provide services from:

  • Housekeeping  
  • Security  
  • Butlers  
  • Nannies  
  • Etc.